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Here's a quick overview of the purpose of this form and what to expect. The answers you provided are for my own knowledge and to help me to get to know you better.

BUT... filling out the form is not a substitute for using the email consulting. You'll recall that one of the many bonuses you received with your purchase of the Free Money system is free email consulting with me for a full year after your purchase. Here's how that works:

    • Once your course is paid in full, then you're eligible to email me at this special, reserved consulting email address from which you received this email.
    • In fact, you might want to go ahead and add [email protected] to your address book now so our correspondence doesn't get misrouted to your junk folder.
    • When you email me, all you have to do is tell me about the funding you're seeking, and I'll do my best to help (or else provide a quick reality check if needed).
    • I will use the information you provide to me here in your Grant Funding Worksheet, plus I'll probably ask you some more questions too.
    • Then together, we target the funding you may be eligible for!

You may choose to answer these, or decline to. It's helpful to know if there are any population segments you're a part of, who may be eligible for targeted funding. If you wish to respond, please check all that apply.