Fitzgerald1Dear Chris:

I found a grant that provided residential properties free toilets and free installation by the city of Austin. I applied because my philosophy always has been “It doesn’t hurt to ask.”

In less than 2 weeks my application had been approved for 305 new toilets for a total of $48,800.00, plus the complex has saved thousands of dollars per year in water bills. The application was effortless and financially very rewarding. It’s the grant that keeps on giving so to speak. With my never ending gratitude,

– Lavana F.

Morrell Photo 1Chris presented so much information… I found just the thing I needed; I applied and was thrilled to be quickly approved for $23,000 of home rehabilitation.

Without having the education and Chris’s knowledge, I would not have known!

– Lori M.

Dupuis PhotoWell being the first time builder of a house from scratch and being new at this whole thing when I read that there was GST credits that were able to be had for building or significantly renovating a house I made a few calls and was close to being past the expiry date … phew, once I submitted all the paper work they processed my request and I’ve received $5,182.24 so far. Thanks, Chris.

– Marc D.

Doring PhotoWe are pleased to say that Chris Johnson’s Real Estate Guide for Free Money Grants and Loans played a key part in fulfilling our dream of home ownership through the Home Buyer’s Plan. Without receivable of this grant for $2,525.35 we would have been unable to make the down payment required to purchase our home. Thanks Chris Johnson!!!

– Hans-Erik D.

Dong PhotoChris, I simply followed your instructions to search government programs and I found the HOME BUYERS’ PLAN, using tips you taught me to prepare documents, I got CAD$13,281.41 from my RRSP account, used it as my down payment to buy my first house in Canada. It is so good that you get something when you really need it. Free money is there, but I didn’t know until you told me, thanks, Chris.

– Harvey D.

Dilullo PhotoI received $5,775.00 for renovations to my home. I was able to initially find this information by reading through Chris Johnson’s Free Money Grants and Loans courseware. However, the key was Chris personally following up with me via email to help me nail down the agency to target. Thanks Again, Chris!

– Joseph D.

Dighe PhotoGetting your program was the best decision I ever made. Within 3 days of buying the program, I applied for and was approved to receive total of $6,400 grant (FREE!!!) money. Thank you so much for opening doors to new opportunities.

– Rahul D.

John Y. PhotoThank you for the great information that you provided in the Free Money Grants and Loans education course. It helped me to find several different grant opportunities that applied to my situation.

I got grants for weatherization, improvements to the heating system, a sump pump in the basement, and other efficiency and safety items, worth $4,049.22.

Keep up the good work,

– John Y.

Dickinson PhotoThank you so much for the information that you provide in your Free Money Series. Using the information that you provided in the Education Section, I was able to get ALL of my mother’s outstanding student loans forgiven! She was awarded a total of $24,773.76 in loan forgiveness. The process was not complicated or long. My mother now has peace of mind knowing that she has one less thing to worry about!

– Rochelle D.

Art F. PhotoWith your assistance and encouragement, and using the materials in the course, we were awarded a grant of $50,000 and also expect to receive additional grants of $40,750 and $38,000.

Thank you Chris!!

– Art F.