Jabbor-Andrawes-Photo1After reading your books and listening to the CDs and learned how to get funding for education, I applied for my daughter University and the Government gave us $9,452 of Award and Loan. Thank you Chris.

– L. Jabbor-Andrawes.

Wright-Photo1Dear Chris,

My daughter Brittney just received a Pell Grant in the amount of $5730.00 for her senior year at Boise State University! This came at a very critical time due to my unemployment as an airline pilot over the last year!

Thank you so much for providing the much needed information to actually apply and receive a GRANT! We only thought there were loans available that could actually be acquired, but Grants are truly available too!

– Scott W.

Bryant-G-PhotoI just want to thank you Chris for writing “Education free money grants and loans”. This book has allowed my wife to go back to school full time. We were trying to figure out how my wife was going to be able to continue going to school.

Searching the different scholarships and grants I was able to come across the FAFSA. We filled the FAFSA out and she was able to get $5,730 from the Federal Pell Grant, $800.00 from the FSEOG, and $6,400 through the local work study program.

My wife is able to go to school without us having to pay anything out of our own pockets. We are so happy that finally we do not have to worry about how she is going to get her degree.

– Bryant G.

Kyle E. PhotoThanks so much for helping me get the $1,745.45 balance of my student loan forgiven! I have been working at a non-profit institution for years and I didn’t know that I was eligible for student loan forgiveness until I took your course. It is a relief to be out of debt and improve my cash flow just by completing a one-page application!

– Kyle E.

Rick P. PhotoMy daughter Terri is currently enrolled in the sciences program and hopes to pursue a nursing career. The grant funding education program you provide has helped identify a large number of potential grant funding sources. She has received funding from the Yukon Education Ministry in the amount of $3996.00. This is very important to me because I hope to retire within the next year or so. Thanks again for your help Chris.

– Rick P.

Arcand Photo 1My son Joshua applied for and received $2,000 in educational grants, plus additional loans, through the Alberta government.

He is also signing this letter to you as a thank-you. Thank-you, Chris!

– Marlene A.

Yang Photo 1After attending Chris’ free money seminar, I realized getting free money can be easy. My younger sister was going into first year university during the same time and Chris’ program really motivated us to work hard to get the free money. Chris’ program is very informative and clear. When we had questions, he responded very promptly. We were happy with the result– getting $2,000 of free money was easier than we had expected. Thank you Chris!!!

– Alice Y. & Chelsey Y.

Fernald Photo - grant funding expertUsing the resources that Chris’s books provide, we learned there was grant money available for many different things, including school tuition for college. Our daughter is now attending college and we were awarded a $15,336 grant, which brings our personal burden down to only $350 per quarter, yaaay!

Thank you Chris!

– John & Marianna F.

Conrad Photo 3We have received grants for our son Michael, starting with his first year of college for a total of $10,595 so far for his expenses! This has really helped in paying his college costs. The biggest thing we learned from Chris Johnson’s course is to apply to as many grant programs as possible. Grants are definitely the way to go to pay for schooling!

– Dave C.

Chamgoulov Photo 3I worked through the course materials that included an easy to use step-by-step guide and very valuable examples of filled applications and proposals. Today I can tell you my success story. The total amount of ‘Free Money’ I received with the help of your course is $ 59,330! My daughter got a total of $23,330 for her education, and I’ve received $ 36,000 sponsorship money my Mt. Everest expedition. Thank you very much Chris for your inspiration and guidance!

– Ravil C.