Kowalchuk1Hi Chris, I just wanted to show my gratitude to you and thank you for the opportunity you have given to me. Through your grant research material, I was able to secure $100,000 to start my new company. Thank you for helping with me not only with links to specific programs, but also with other aspects like my business plan.

– Darwin K.

Britta Photo 1I am happy to inform you of a grant I received for $1,500.00 after purchasing your “Free Money Grants & Loans Home Study Course”. I purchased it on April 20th 2013 and attended your “Free Money University” next. Your “refund the course fee” policy you advertised helped me stay focused and come up with the Targeted Skills Shortage Program that I qualified for through my company. The grant received allowed an employee of mine to upgrade and extend his tickets and skills for employment. It’s a wonderful way to give opportunities to young people and small businesses like us.

Thank you for pointing me that way, Chris.

– Britta S.

Datta PhotoI am very happy to inform you that I have been able to secure business funding for £15,000 from Barclays Business Bank. I would also like to say that this was possible only after your training because I had failed earlier to obtain funding on my own. Thank you!

– Dr. Srabani D.

Christy PhotoThank you Chris, for The Grant Locator and your expertise. With your program I have been able to secure a government grant for our business in the amount of $1011.25 with Eastern Ontario Development Program. In addition, we have completed the Eco Energy rebate program and are received a cheque for $3080.00. I would recommend your program to anyone who could benefit from a grant or loan, be it for personal or business use.

– Dawna C.

Carlson PhotoAfter purchasing your grant program it inspired and motivated me to do more research for grant funding for the non-profit which I founded. In the private foundation information, I applied for and was awarded a private foundation grant for $25,000! This is helping many people in our area continue to receive assistance through our non-profit. Now I plan to do more research and grant funding for the new real estate investor business I have started. The possibilities are endless… thanks for opening many doors of opportunity. Thanks Chris!

– Jane C.

GBrown PhotoI received my first funded grant $3,000, after ten long years of trying to find the time to research and write for the much-needed grants. Chris Johnson’s information helped me begin to locate granters whose funding objectives matched our program offerings. I then received a letter advising me of our award! I am so thankful, grateful, and appreciative for each person and resource that was provided to me in accomplishing this work and receiving the award of our first grant!

– Greg B.

Brennan PhotoAlmost a year ago I attended a seminar presented by Chris Johnson. The seminar talked about how to get government money for a variety of cases such as real estate, school and business. I looked into many of the organizations Chris Johnson advised through his research and applied for a loan for a piece of property for my business and I got the guarantee!

With the SBA Loan ($245,200) I was able to make a down payment and purchase the property! I now have only a few more weeks to go before we are open for business! I’m getting really excited to work for myself and provide a place for many others to have a career. With the resources Chris Johnson supplied I now have my empire!

– Abby B.

Blin PhotoAfter using Chris Johnson’s system, I was accepted into the Self Employment Benefits program, which includes $16,640 of financial aid ($640 every 2 weeks), a free business start up school course for eight weeks, and continued mentoring and support over a period of two years. Thanks again for your good work.

“Your Free Money Seminar helped me start to dream, and today I am running my own business!”

– Pierre B.