Fernald Photo - grant funding expertUsing the resources that Chris’s books provide, we learned there was grant money available for many different things, including school tuition for college. Our daughter is now attending college and we were awarded a $15,336 grant, which brings our personal burden down to only $350 per quarter, yaaay!

Thank you Chris!

– John & Marianna F.

Conrad Photo 3We have received grants for our son Michael, starting with his first year of college for a total of $10,595 so far for his expenses! This has really helped in paying his college costs. The biggest thing we learned from Chris Johnson’s course is to apply to as many grant programs as possible. Grants are definitely the way to go to pay for schooling!

– Dave C.

Chamgoulov Photo 3I worked through the course materials that included an easy to use step-by-step guide and very valuable examples of filled applications and proposals. Today I can tell you my success story. The total amount of ‘Free Money’ I received with the help of your course is $ 59,330! My daughter got a total of $23,330 for her education, and I’ve received $ 36,000 sponsorship money my Mt. Everest expedition. Thank you very much Chris for your inspiration and guidance!

– Ravil C.

Morrell Photo 1Chris presented so much information… I found just the thing I needed; I applied and was thrilled to be quickly approved for $23,000 of home rehabilitation.

Without having the education and Chris’s knowledge, I would not have known!

– Lori M.

Sproule Photo 4Chris, I have been using your grant materials and as well received email help from you, which has been very successful. Total Government Grant money received so far = $14,723.13. Thank you so much for your help and for the mindset of “thinking with grants.”

– Deborah and Jim S.

Britta Photo 1I am happy to inform you of a grant I received for $1,500.00 after purchasing your “Free Money Grants & Loans Home Study Course”. I purchased it on April 20th 2013 and attended your “Free Money University” next. Your “refund the course fee” policy you advertised helped me stay focused and come up with the Targeted Skills Shortage Program that I qualified for through my company. The grant received allowed an employee of mine to upgrade and extend his tickets and skills for employment. It’s a wonderful way to give opportunities to young people and small businesses like us.

Thank you for pointing me that way, Chris.

– Britta S.

Grace L. PhotoThank you very much for your help in getting our son a scholarship to study abroad! We didn’t think he would be able to go because of the cost. And now he is in Paris!

With your help, not only did he get a Discover the World Grant for $5993 but also an additional Global Scholar’s Grant for $500. This made the program within our reach and he is currently in Paris having a wonderful time. In a couple of weeks, he heads to Rome, then Seville. He is learning about the different cultures and business atmosphere. And of course, he is taking in all the sights.

Without your help it is likely we would never have gotten him these grants and he would not be having the experience of a lifetime. So, thank you, thank you, thank you!

– Dr Grace L.

Dupuis PhotoWell being the first time builder of a house from scratch and being new at this whole thing when I read that there was GST credits that were able to be had for building or significantly renovating a house I made a few calls and was close to being past the expiry date … phew, once I submitted all the paper work they processed my request and I’ve received $5,182.24 so far. Thanks, Chris.

– Marc D.

Doring PhotoWe are pleased to say that Chris Johnson’s Real Estate Guide for Free Money Grants and Loans played a key part in fulfilling our dream of home ownership through the Home Buyer’s Plan. Without receivable of this grant for $2,525.35 we would have been unable to make the down payment required to purchase our home. Thanks Chris Johnson!!!

– Hans-Erik D.

Dong PhotoChris, I simply followed your instructions to search government programs and I found the HOME BUYERS’ PLAN, using tips you taught me to prepare documents, I got CAD$13,281.41 from my RRSP account, used it as my down payment to buy my first house in Canada. It is so good that you get something when you really need it. Free money is there, but I didn’t know until you told me, thanks, Chris.

– Harvey D.