Diaz Photo“Using your systems, your advice, and especially your encouragement, we got a $7,200 grant. Chris, you went out of your way, answered all of my emails, and mostly didn’t let me quit. Thanks, Chris!”

– Danne D.

Costa photoI attended your “Free Money” seminar and purchased your package. Soon after I read through it looking for a program that I could apply for. Surprisingly, it didn’t take me long to find one that I was eligible for. Since I recently purchased a new home, I found I was a prime candidate for the GST New Housing Rebate Program which paid me a whopping $3,074.09. Thank you Chris, without your help I would never have even known this program existed. I am a believer!!!!

– Joe C.

Cole PhotoThank You! Thank you! Thank you! I have just received $1,500.00 rebate from the City of Toronto for the “basement flooding prevention system” program.

I have applied for a few more programs and expect more funds to roll in soon. I appreciate free money university and you.

– Bibi C.

FChen PhotoI AM SO HAPPY! Since taking your Free Money University Program, I have learned SO MUCH about getting government grants and subsidies. I am receiving $1433.00 in government-guaranteed income every single month. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

– Felicia C.

Charron Photo 3Chris Johnson’s courses gave us the tools we needed to research and find many grants that are available to us. Our first grant because of the conversion we will save about $1,000/year in hydro which is cash back in our pocket! We have several other applications in for more grants. Thanks Chris!

– Kara C.

BrowningChris Johnson’s program opened our eyes to opportunities to gain wealth just by asking and following the rules! We received $16,000.00 for work that we needed on our home from the CMHC RRAP program. After listening to the CDs and reviewing the binders for FREE MONEY, we were able to find and select a grant, then make the call. It really was easy after learning from Chris just how many grants are available that no one even applies for because they don’t know! We made the call, filled out the paperwork, and did the deal! Thanks for the New Roof, Windows, HWT and Furnace Chris!

– D’Arcy and Theresa B.

Boykin PhotoAfter using your grant course and attending the free money university workshop I was able to obtain a grant/loan from Mississippi development authority in the amount of $25,000. Your course helped me locate and find this opportunity. I would recommend this course to everyone looking for FREE money. I have attached proof of the $25,000 check!!!

– Jason B.

D BarillaI attended Chris’s program iand was excited when I found out that I would be receiving a check for $2,614 from the Government of Canada for Energy Conservation in my home. Even better, the Ontario government is going to match that amount. Most of the work I was able to do myself for little money and save myself a lot of money. I feel like I got paid to do the work. I appreciate receiving 100% return on my investment for the course materials as promised, and I’m looking forward to finding more ways to get Free Money with the information in Chris Johnson’s Free Money Program.


David B.

Alexander PhotoWithin in 3 months by using Chris’ step by step program we had found a financial institution and had successfully gone through the loan process. We also made our application stronger by submitting a written proposal to go along with the loan application. We purchased 3 houses on the same day and the lending institution was so impressed with our proposal and application that they told us that whenever we found more properties that we wanted to purchase to please come back to them. Using Chris Johnson’s system has changed our lives in that it has helped us to move closer in making our dreams comes true.

– Jerome and LaShone A.