Sproule Photo 4Chris, I have been using your grant materials and as well received email help from you, which has been very successful. Total Government Grant money received so far = $14,723.13. Thank you so much for your help and for the mindset of “thinking with grants.”

– Deborah and Jim S.

Grace L. PhotoThank you very much for your help in getting our son a scholarship to study abroad! We didn’t think he would be able to go because of the cost. And now he is in Paris!

With your help, not only did he get a Discover the World Grant for $5993 but also an additional Global Scholar’s Grant for $500. This made the program within our reach and he is currently in Paris having a wonderful time. In a couple of weeks, he heads to Rome, then Seville. He is learning about the different cultures and business atmosphere. And of course, he is taking in all the sights.

Without your help it is likely we would never have gotten him these grants and he would not be having the experience of a lifetime. So, thank you, thank you, thank you!

– Dr Grace L.

Tien Do photoTHANK YOU!!! for your help. I attended your seminar at Anaheim. Your program showed me where to look and what to do to receive the money. After doing the easy steps, I was offered over $11,000 in grants and subsidized loan, of which almost $9,000 was in grants—which I can now use to pay for school, books, and after all that I also have more than $2,000. With $2,000 I can work less and concentrate more on school. Thank you again.

– Tien D.

Dimacali PhotoOur daughter Danielle got accepted to UCLA after they received 90,000 applications! Of the 90,000 applicants they selected 4,500 for the Freshman pool. Some of her friends are on the waiting list. She received a $10,000 a year scholarship! We are overjoyed! Thank you!

– Kara D.

de Lory Photo1I purchased your Free Money Grants & Loans home study course and we have so far received over $7,000 for one year alone, and expect more. This really helped our budget out.

– Esther D.

Daredia PhotoWhen I heard you speak about free money for real estate and business I was interested but when you mentioned free money for education I bought the package right away because my daughter was in the process of graduating. Using your Free Money package, my daughter got awarded with $10,795.00 for student loan relief. I will now start looking for money for my real estate business and home renovation. THANK YOU CHRIS, the information you provide is invaluable.

– Azim D.

Cusack PhotoI used your program as motivation to research the scholarships in our area and had my kids go through the program to help them understand how to apply for scholarships. They used the information to find scholarships they qualified for and set out applying for them. They learned how to research and apply for free money and in the end they succeeded by landing 2 different scholarships worth over $2,000. Thank you!

– Keith C.

Corby Photo-After using Chris’s money and grant program, my daughter was able to secure 2 different government grants for her to attend college. I thank you so much for the help!! There is no way either myself or any of kids could have afforded to go to college before we figured out how to receive these free grants worth $15,000 so far!!

– Jen C.

Cook PhotoI attended your free money class and bought your program. I was able to learn about Pell grants. Our son was just starting his junior year at UNLV and already had a baseball scholarship. Plus, he further received his athletic scholarship from financial aid office for $3,763. Thanks so much for helping us become informed about all of the government money that is out there.

– Marie C.

Annamie C.I am writing to express my appreciation and gratefulness to you in helping me find some grants. I specifically purchased the Free Money package last year because of my desire to get a Canadian education. The education program served as an excellent guide for all available grants and scholarship. To date, I received a total of $4,620 from both Provincial and Federal grants. Soon, I will be receiving a full scholarship that will fund my 4th year at University until I earn my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology.

– Annamie C.