Daredia PhotoWhen I heard you speak about free money for real estate and business I was interested but when you mentioned free money for education I bought the package right away because my daughter was in the process of graduating. Using your Free Money package, my daughter got awarded with $10,795.00 for student loan relief. I will now start looking for money for my real estate business and home renovation. THANK YOU CHRIS, the information you provide is invaluable.

– Azim D.

Cusack PhotoI used your program as motivation to research the scholarships in our area and had my kids go through the program to help them understand how to apply for scholarships. They used the information to find scholarships they qualified for and set out applying for them. They learned how to research and apply for free money and in the end they succeeded by landing 2 different scholarships worth over $2,000. Thank you!

– Keith C.

Costa photoI attended your “Free Money” seminar and purchased your package. Soon after I read through it looking for a program that I could apply for. Surprisingly, it didn’t take me long to find one that I was eligible for. Since I recently purchased a new home, I found I was a prime candidate for the GST New Housing Rebate Program which paid me a whopping $3,074.09. Thank you Chris, without your help I would never have even known this program existed. I am a believer!!!!

– Joe C.

Corby Photo-After using Chris’s money and grant program, my daughter was able to secure 2 different government grants for her to attend college. I thank you so much for the help!! There is no way either myself or any of kids could have afforded to go to college before we figured out how to receive these free grants worth $15,000 so far!!

– Jen C.

Cook PhotoI attended your free money class and bought your program. I was able to learn about Pell grants. Our son was just starting his junior year at UNLV and already had a baseball scholarship. Plus, he further received his athletic scholarship from financial aid office for $3,763. Thanks so much for helping us become informed about all of the government money that is out there.

– Marie C.

Annamie C.I am writing to express my appreciation and gratefulness to you in helping me find some grants. I specifically purchased the Free Money package last year because of my desire to get a Canadian education. The education program served as an excellent guide for all available grants and scholarship. To date, I received a total of $4,620 from both Provincial and Federal grants. Soon, I will be receiving a full scholarship that will fund my 4th year at University until I earn my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology.

– Annamie C.

Cole PhotoThank You! Thank you! Thank you! I have just received $1,500.00 rebate from the City of Toronto for the “basement flooding prevention system” program.

I have applied for a few more programs and expect more funds to roll in soon. I appreciate free money university and you.

– Bibi C.

Christy PhotoThank you Chris, for The Grant Locator and your expertise. With your program I have been able to secure a government grant for our business in the amount of $1011.25 with Eastern Ontario Development Program. In addition, we have completed the Eco Energy rebate program and are received a cheque for $3080.00. I would recommend your program to anyone who could benefit from a grant or loan, be it for personal or business use.

– Dawna C.

FChen PhotoI AM SO HAPPY! Since taking your Free Money University Program, I have learned SO MUCH about getting government grants and subsidies. I am receiving $1433.00 in government-guaranteed income every single month. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

– Felicia C.

Carlson PhotoAfter purchasing your grant program it inspired and motivated me to do more research for grant funding for the non-profit which I founded. In the private foundation information, I applied for and was awarded a private foundation grant for $25,000! This is helping many people in our area continue to receive assistance through our non-profit. Now I plan to do more research and grant funding for the new real estate investor business I have started. The possibilities are endless… thanks for opening many doors of opportunity. Thanks Chris!

– Jane C.