The Grant Locator is a monthly subscription audio CD that features interviews with grant experts, success stories told in live interviews, and the very latest and best funding news, tips, and information.

grant funding expert chris johnson standing500Government funding programs are always changing. Grants and loans that are available now might be gone before you even hear about them. Are you missing opportunities?

Don’t be left out! Now you can make sure you stay on top of the very latest funding developments and grant bulletins with my monthly CD, The Grant Locator. It’s your best tool to stay full speed ahead on the path to success with:

Expert insight

check-mark-8-512Exclusive interviews

check-mark-8-512Firsthand accounts of successfully securing funding

check-mark-8-512The best websites and social media resources for insiders

check-mark-8-512Pro tips on achieving wealth, productivity, and advanced business skills

check-mark-8-512Relevant business, education, real estate, life skills and success topics

check-mark-8-512Surprises, special alerts, up-to-the minute news, and more

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FACT: A man who later became my student missed his chance at over $7,000 in rebates for home improvements because he was out of the loop on available government funding that he could have claimed and pocketed. Now he makes sure that he stays up to date on the funding he’s entitled to, and you should too.

MY NO HASSLE PLEDGE: You’ll have the latest news delivered straight to your mailbox for the special, half-off price of just $39 monthly, but of course, you’re free to quit any time you want, and it’ll take effect the beginning of the next month. No questions, no hassle.


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