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Are you a budding entrepreneur? Do you own an existing business? Imagine getting free government money to expand your existing business… or even start that new business you’ve always dreamed about!

If you’ve wanted to further your own education – or your child’s education – or are looking for scholarship programs to assist with educational expenses, you’ve come to the right place.  We can help you!

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At, we have been using our proven system to help thousands of people around the world successfully apply for and receive the free money they deserve.

govgrantsBillions of dollars in government grants are awarded every year in many different countries, and from all levels of government. In the USA alone, several hundred billion dollars are awarded annually, much of this to individuals, business owners, students, homeowners, and more. Canada, England, Australia, and other countries award billions of dollars in free grant money as well.

The company was founded in 2004 by Chris Johnson, one of the most successful educators in the field of government grants and private funding sources.

He is regularly invited to join financial and business experts to share his wisdom on this subject. Chris has shared the stage with Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, and Suze Orman — to name just a few.

grantfundingexpertchrisjohnsonwhat_we_do_government_grantsWe are proud to say our students receive an average of $27,000 in grants or subsidies on their first attempt!

Our successful students come from all walks of life and we have a huge collection of success stories to prove it.

grant funding expert chris johnson canada informationThey’ve used the free money to do energy upgrades, complete minor home repairs, start long-awaited home renovations…

They’ve received free money for educational expenses like school tuition, room and board, and paying down student loans…


  • Each year, hundreds of millions of dollars are given away to people in in grants, subsidies and loans.

  • People have received government assistance to pay down their mortgage, expensive medical bills and health care expenses.

  • Many investors have received free money for their real estate ventures, to pay for closing costs etc!

  • You can receive government funding to start a new business or expand an existing one!

  • Federally funded grants help about 5.4 million full-time and part-time college and vocational school students nationally.

  • Many student bursary and scholarship programs exist in the private sector.

  • Homeowners can use government funding to offset home renovation costs, energy efficiency upgrades, and improving or repairing rental suites.

  • People from all walks of life qualify for grants – the poor, the middle class, the rich.

  • You can qualify for grants – even with a bankruptcy or bad credit!

  • Your government is the biggest “money vault” that has ever existed!

grant funding expert chris johnson england informationThey’ve used free money to start a new business or expand an existing business, subsidize employee wages…

They’ve received free money for disability benefits, veteran benefits, special needs assistance programs…

grant funding expert chris johnson canada information AustralianBecause funding priorities, allocation of money, and what appeals to funders are continually changing, grants that were previously available may no longer exist.

That is why we strive to stay on top of these developments and changes.  We constantly research newly available grants, subsidies and loans, and regularly communicate these updates to our students.

Mandela+banknotes+money+cash+rands+notesIn our website, you’ll find a wealth of information you can immediately use to locate available grants.

Our resources will help you better focus and narrow down areas of your interests so you can start your grant application process right away!

Check out our results page and see for yourself what successful students are doing to get their grants approved – faster, and for larger amounts!

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